“Introducing the Players”


I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Nero Wolfe before. If I haven’t, please excuse me while I hyperventilate in disbelief, because Nero Wolfe is flamin’ amazing. “Book or T.V. Nero Wolfe?” you ask me. “Both,” is my reply. “Both, my sprightly word-lover.” My first introduction to Nero Wolfe was in book form, with Rex […]

So I watched CRIMSON PEAK…


…or at least, I tried to watch it. CRIMSON PEAK is one of those beautifully costumed, beautifully shot, beautifully cast movies that you see and right away know you’re going to love. Because how could you not? Allow me to explain why not. I was slightly trepidatious going in: I’ve never seen Tom Hiddleston be anything but […]

Musings: Why Won’t This Thing Die??


There’s this thing I see a lot in fiction. It happens in movie/tv series as much as in books, and it’s even more annoying there (for my long-suffering hubby as well, because then I remonstrate with the tv. At the top of my lungs.). It’s the thing where the detective/cop/insurance investigator is too close to […]

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