“Introducing the Players”


I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Nero Wolfe before. If I haven’t, please excuse me while I hyperventilate in disbelief, because Nero Wolfe is flamin’ amazing. “Book or T.V. Nero Wolfe?” you ask me. “Both,” is my reply. “Both, my sprightly word-lover.” My first introduction to Nero Wolfe was in book form, with Rex […]

Isabella Farrah (and other parts of me)


There is a question every author will be asked–oh so many times!–during their career. That question is: “How do you come up with your characters?” Its cousin is: “Are you going to put me in one of your books?” The answer to the second question is: “That depends. Are you an awful person/have you been […]

Confessions: I’m A Hoarder


I’m a hoarder. But before you go thinking Hoarders and Hoarders: Buried Alive (or even chocolates and other sweet things–okay, okay, maybe I do hoard those) I’m not talking the type of hoarding that piles magazines, newspapers, dvds and other miscellany on any surface available. I mean, it is possible that I could be said to hoard books. And probably DVDs, […]

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