10 Worst Book to Screen Adaptations


The movie is never as good as the book. Never. Sometimes it comes awfully close, but it’s never quite there. (Except for AUSTENLAND. Book and movie are even stevens.) And then there are those really, REALLY bad adaptations. In no particular order, here are 10 of the worst book to movie adaptations. 1. Eragon I’ll be honest […]

A Beautiful Hat At A Reasonable Price -A MASQUE Short Story


In celebration of MASQUE’s fast-approaching 1st birthday, I present to you A BEAUTIFUL HAT AT A REASONABLE PRICE, a MASQUE short story! Full of froth, feathers, and even a bit of intrigue… A Beautiful Hat At A Reasonable Price A beautiful hat at a reasonable price is always an essential item. It is, of course, […]



This week I’m Playing Nice With Others. Absolute Write’s blogging section has a blog hop every month, and this month I decided to join up. Hi out there, Absolute Writers! The prompt was St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland, or anything Irish. So of course I made you all a flash piece of fiction about sadistic leprechauns. […]

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