Staff & Crown (Or, Shenanigans at Trenthams)


Ever since I wrote Masque, I’ve wanted to write the adventures of Annabel and Isabella at Trenthams. I’m very fond of Finishing School stories–and more so of stories where Finishing Schools are turned upside down–so it was obvious from the start that it was going to be an eventful attendance. And if you consider that […]

Descent into Madness: or, an Interview in Underland


In honour of PLAYING HEARTS‘ publication this week, I’ve arranged a rather special interview! With me today are Hatter, Hare, and Dormy; sans tea-table but fully supplied with tea and crumpets.   W.R. [addresses all three]: Good afternoon! It’s lovely to have you with me today! Hatter: It can’t be afternoon. We haven’t had our morning tea […]

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