Staff & Crown (Or, Shenanigans at Trenthams)


Ever since I wrote Masque, I’ve wanted to write the adventures of Annabel and Isabella at Trenthams. I’m very fond of Finishing School stories–and more so of stories where Finishing Schools are turned upside down–so it was obvious from the start that it was going to be an eventful attendance. And if you consider that […]

Hybrid: Isn’t that some sort of car…?


I’m not actually going to talk about cars. I mean, this is a writing blog, not a car blog, and what do I know about cars anyway? So when I say hybrid, I am, of course, referring to hybrid authors: those who both self-publish, and traditonally-publish. Or, more specifically, myself. That’s right. As of today, […]



Did you guys know that printed books should always be odd-numbered on the right page? Or that text should be right and left justified? Or, for a matter of fact, that when you shorten the front of a word with an apostrophe (ex. ‘leave ’em alone’) that the apostrophe must face the same way as one that shortens the […]

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