Learning Korean (and Other Things)


I started learning Korean last month. Being the cheap sort of person I am, I looked around at all the options and said something along the lines of “Flamin’ heck, I can’t afford that!” Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon a website that was offering Korean lessons for free. More, they were good lessons, starting with […]

Creating Worlds: Making up Montalier


Okay, so technically, Montalier is not a world. It’s a country within a world. But creating worlds sounds so much better than making up countries, so I’m running with it. I created Montalier for my novella TWELVE DAYS OF FAERY, the first in my SHARDS OF A BROKEN SWORD trilogy. Besides being the home of one of my favourite characters, […]

Holidays, reading, and other cool stuff


You may have noticed that my blog schedule has been a bit…off…lately. I say may have because at this point I’m assuming that your entire world doesn’t actually revolve around me (yet. Just wait until I’m rich and famous!) This is because I finally finished PLAYING HEARTS and forced myself to have a week off before doing the […]

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