Mind the Gap…

To those of you who were waiting for my blog to be updated (all two of you)

Please accept my most abject apologies. Currently, I’m madly racing to finish the last four chapters of BRIGHT AS THE EYES OF YOU (and somehow managing to write the last chapter instead of the one I’m actually up to) so service of this blog will be temporarily suspended until late next week.

I’m on a deadline to finish this puppy and do first round edits before I send it off to *gasp* an actual editor, so I’m ignoring Mr.G as well, if that makes you all feel any better…

In the meantime, well…read BatEoY. 

Yours feverishly,



6 Replies to “Mind the Gap…”

  1. You’re so good. I’m “feverishly trying” to finish my current MS as well. I put that in quotes because I’m in the loathing stage of the project, so I’m not feverishly trying at all. I write about 300 words at a time before I wander off to do something else. Like check Twitter for blog updates. *cough*

    Enjoy your concentrated writing time! 😀

    1. Ha! The only reason I’m so feverish is cos I set myself a deadline with very little wriggle-room (plus being in the last 24k of a book is always the part where I don’t seem to be able to NOT write, or NOT think about the MS, even though I’m going crazy from sugar high and lack of sleep…)

      Poor, POOR Mr. G…

      I hope yours starts coming together again for you: I hate the phase of loathing with a passion. Plus I really want to read another of your books soon 😀 (More selfish good wishes for your writing 😀 )

  2. I’m so excited for this one and I’ve been watching your updates on social media, but I’m saving myself for the final version, haha. The cover is SO PRETTY and I am besotted already. (Not that I judge books by their covers. No, of course not.)

    1. Yay! Thanks =)

      The cover is another Jenny-cover from Seedlings Designs: she always does the most beautiful work =) The final version will be sorted by the end of the year, but I’m going to go for a Kindle Scout campaign and see how that goes, so the final FINAL version will be published by mid-February next year if it’s unsuccessful and a little later if it’s successful. Not too long to wait now!

      And I wouldn’t believe for a moment that you judge books by their covers! I NEVER do, of course!


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