For the last couple of days I’ve been watching Wanted (yeah, it’s a KDrama—what of it?). Mostly by the end it was a hot mess (flyaway story threads that were never quite resolved, inconsistent characterisation, inconsistant and shifting morals/application of those morals) but it had so many good things about it and was so riveting to […]

Treat Yo Self!


Right. Today, I’m gonna talk about something that is both very important and very applicable. Wait, that’s the wrong pic. I want to talk about looking after myself—yourselves, ourselves, etc. In that vein, here, have the correct gif: As some context for this seemingly out-of-the-blue post, here’s a look at the last two weeks of […]

The Perils of Learning a Second Language


Okay, that’s a bit sensationalist. It’s not perilous, exactly—unless you consider feeling like an idiot roughly 2-5 times per lesson a peril, that is—but there is a steep learning curve associated with it, and certain pitfalls that come with that. At the moment, I study at home, go to a lesson with the lovely Kara, and on […]

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