Wait, I’m One of the Adults?


Last week was a particularly busy one. I was working on the business side of writing, which meant arranging promotions, updating files and payments methods, etc, and fiddling with Createspace (I count that with the business stuff because I hate formatting and business stuff almost equally). I was also busy following a particularly nasty story […]

Rainy Monday


As you may have guessed from the title of my blog post, today is Monday. Also, it’s rainy. You’re always gonna get the truth from me, you blokes. On this particular rainy Monday, I’m feeling very cosy and relaxed. Part of that is because of the rain: there’s nothing better than curling up beneath my […]

Hybrid: Isn’t that some sort of car…?


I’m not actually going to talk about cars. I mean, this is a writing blog, not a car blog, and what do I know about cars anyway? So when I say hybrid, I am, of course, referring to hybrid authors: those who both self-publish, and traditonally-publish. Or, more specifically, myself. That’s right. As of today, […]

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