There are some weeks when I know exactly what I want to blog about. Those are the good weeks: I usually end up with two blog post written for the week and one or two drafts stored up to explore later.

Some weeks are less certain, and I have to scrape and search for things to talk about. I usually still blog once or twice, it’s just…harder. Not necessarily a bad thing, since I tend to laziness: having to work at what I do is actually good for me.

Then there are the weeks where I can’t pin down a single thought or plan, where stuff just happens with no rhyme or reason, and my brain is too scattered to be able to think of anything of importance to post.

So I’m writing a blog post with all the little bits and pieces that don’t want to sit still in my head. You guys can make sense of it. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle.

Important Links:

Headtalker for Lady of Dreams’ Kindle Scout Campaign

Go here to nominate Lady of Dreams for a Kindle Scout contract (and get a free ARC if I do get a contract)

Buy this book. It’s only 99c and it’s still one of my all time favourite books (plus, Indie author power!)

General Stuff:

*Did anyone else forget Valentine’s Day? I did. I remembered after I’d been at work for about an hour, and multiple men had already gone through with flowers and chocolates. Then I was very confused, since I’d got the idea that Valentine’s day was the 17th.

It turns out that the 17th is the expiration date for my milk.

Undoubtedly an important date, but no cigar.

*So, my spam folder has become remarkably communicative lately. There are the ones that kindly answer questions: posed by previous spamĀ 

…aaaaaand then there are just these guys, who are arguing about Who Is The Best:


*My brain is scattered. Yes. But this is partially in a good cause: BLACKFOOT is really starting to come together at last–not just in drips and drabs, but in whole chunks of plot and characterisation–and I’m at the point where I should be able to start writing very, very quickly indeed. I really like this part of book writing. It’s satisfying and freeing. It also means that I’ll be able to come back very soon and fix all the things I messed up in first draft.

*Kindle Scout Campaign. A new experience, so that’s fun. I’m just not entirely sure what I’ll do if Lady of Dreams isn’t chosen for publication. Will I publish ASAP, and bunch two releases very close together, or wait until BLACKFOOT emerges from its chrysalis? I mean, I don’t want to wait, but Indie pub wisdom says space things out where you can.

There you go. You just got a glimpse into the mind of a writer. YOU’RE WELCOME. Hopefully I’ll be less scattered in a day or two, and sit down to write a proper blog post. I have some KDrama I want to review (surprising, I know), so I’ll have some more reccs for my fellow KDrama lovers in the next day or two.

Happy Reading, guys!

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