Exhaustion and the Writer


You know how it is. You lost your job. Your job is incredibly stressful. Maybe you’ve got a chronic illness. Perhaps you’ve had extra hours at work, or could it be that you’ve simply spent all night watching K-Drama and can no longer function normally? You’re exhausted. Whether that exhaustion is physical or mental, it’s […]

Isabella Farrah (and other parts of me)


There is a question every author will be asked–oh so many times!–during their career. That question is: “How do you come up with your characters?” Its cousin is: “Are you going to put me in one of your books?” The answer to the second question is: “That depends. Are you an awful person/have you been […]

What A Glorious Feeling!


There’s a really horrible part of writing. It’s that part, about halfway through–or even 3/4 of the way through, or right at the end–when you’re convinced that everything you write is utter drivel and it feels like there’s no saving it. The plot is hopelessly holey, the dialogue is trite and stiff, and the surrounding […]

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