“Introducing the Players”


I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Nero Wolfe before. If I haven’t, please excuse me while I hyperventilate in disbelief, because Nero Wolfe is flamin’ amazing. “Book or T.V. Nero Wolfe?” you ask me. “Both,” is my reply. “Both, my sprightly word-lover.” My first introduction to Nero Wolfe was in book form, with Rex […]

Musings: Why Won’t This Thing Die??


There’s this thing I see a lot in fiction. It happens in movie/tv series as much as in books, and it’s even more annoying there (for my long-suffering hubby as well, because then I remonstrate with the tv. At the top of my lungs.). It’s the thing where the detective/cop/insurance investigator is too close to […]

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