Rainy Monday


As you may have guessed from the title of my blog post, today is Monday. Also, it’s rainy. You’re always gonna get the truth from me, you blokes. On this particular rainy Monday, I’m feeling very cosy and relaxed. Part of that is because of the rain: there’s nothing better than curling up beneath my […]

A Belated ‘Merry Christmas’ and an early ‘Happy New Year’!


MerryChristmasandaHappyNewYear, guys! Today’s blog post will be a post in three acts, courtesy of my insanely rushed-and-jumbled Christmas season. Part One: Merry Christmas! And if you’re Jewish, Happy Hanukkah! For anything else, I offer a blanket “Happy Holidays!” in my ignorance, with my good wishes. This year was a pretty quiet Christmas, low key and […]

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