10 Things I Hate Love About You Writing


I don’t say this enough, but I love writing. It’s sometimes excruciating, often frustrating, and frequently exhausting. And it’s always satisfying. There are days when I have to scrabble and scratch for every flamin’ word, glaring into the middle distance for inspiration. There are days when my fingers can’t fly across the keyboard fast enough to keep up with the flow […]

Adventures In Retail: ‘Tis The Season (Or, The Fight Before Christmas)


I don’t wear a Christmas shirt to work (a long story where I got kicked out for wearing a shirt that had Christmas Scripture verses on it) but I do wear a nice, tiny, red hat with green ribbons. It’s my pride and joy this Christmas. It’s perky and fun and jingly. I was wearing […]

Adventures In Retail: The Coffee Bandit


“Coffee?  What coffee?” he blustered.  Just as if I hadn’t watched him try the same stunt last week.  Wearing the same jacket.  Same hat.  Same stringy-haired girlfriend. “The coffee in your jacket, mate,” I said.  At least he’d been a bit more circumspect this time.  Last week it was a huge 1kg International Roast can […]

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