Gratitude And The Self-Publisher


It’s a funny thing, this self-publishing business. You start out with reasonably realistic expectations–‘I’ll probably only sell a book per month at first’, and ‘It’ll take a long time to build that email list’–and you put your head down and work at the thing. You sell your book-per-month, and you feel grateful. You’re excited that there’s someone […]

I Found A Thing On The Interwebz #1


Cool stuff I randomly found on the internet: Bookcase Edition! I found this lot on I’m sure you’ve got room in your life for bookshelves like this: Platzhalter Expanding Bookshelf If your bookshelf always seems to be bursting at the seams, maybe you should just let it. You’re obviously not going to stop collecting […]



This week I’m Playing Nice With Others. Absolute Write’s blogging section has a blog hop every month, and this month I decided to join up. Hi out there, Absolute Writers! The prompt was St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland, or anything Irish. So of course I made you all a flash piece of fiction about sadistic leprechauns. […]

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