Last Scenes and Chicken Nibbles

As I speak type, I’m consuming chicken nibbles and drinking sars (that’s root beer to all you Americans out there*). This is because I’m worn out from writing Last Scenes. I’M SUFFERING FOR MY ART, OK?

FCOAThis blog post is late, and I probably won’t write another one this week, either. Reason being, I’m so, SO close to finishing THE FIRST CHILL OF AUTUMN and have been typing madly to get it finished this week. As stated above, I have actually been writing the Last Scenes, but that means I’ve left some Middle Scenes unwritten while I sort them out.

At this stage it’s looking like I’ll finish the first draft by tomorrow or Thursday, meaning I have a week and a half to tweak things before I send it out to my lovely beta readers.

It’s been a little bit harder to write because the protagonist, Dion, has a lot more of the things I don’t really like about myself in her, and my subconscious has been fighting me the whole way. I am, like Captain Wentworth**, “half agony, half hope” in my imaginings of how my readers are going to take Dion.

Anyway, that’s enough angst for one night, and I’m off to keep writing.

I’d like to thank Abigail Cashen for introducing me to THE MIRACULOUS LADYBUG (via pins on Pinterest), and my little sis for getting me my first OWL CITY album, without which two things I probably wouldn’t have finished this novella in time. Or had as many character breakthroughs.

Good night, friends and readers!

Don’t forget to preorder THE FIRST CHILL OF AUTUMN, the concluding book in the SHARDS OF A BROKEN SWORD trilogy!

*actually, it’s not. Your root beer is SO much better but I can’t get it here in Australia (except at specialty stores), so I have sarasaparilla which is the closest I can get. It’s one of my deepest sorrows.

**Jane Austen’s PERSUASION. Read it. Really.