Musings: Writing in the Negative Space


I’m baaaa-aaaaack! G’day! I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, recently. This friend is insanely talented (he writes and draws), and we were talking over a collaborative idea I’d had for both of us to work on (said collaborative idea involving a graphic novel/comic style book). This led us into a discussion of the […]

Musings: Why Won’t This Thing Die??


There’s this thing I see a lot in fiction. It happens in movie/tv series as much as in books, and it’s even more annoying there (for my long-suffering hubby as well, because then I remonstrate with the tv. At the top of my lungs.). It’s the thing where the detective/cop/insurance investigator is too close to […]

Musings: Praying For World Peace


It’s Easter, and a lot of my Catholic and Episcopalian friends are in church for the week, praying for world peace (along with other things, one presumes). So I’m going to talk about peace today. Only since I’m Protestant, I’m going to talk about it slightly differently. Essentially, Christmas (my favourite holiday) and Easter (2nd […]

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