Male/Female Platonic Friendships: A Guest Post by S. Usher Evans


So today, I have a special guest! S. Usher Evans, author of The Madion War Trilogy, is visiting The WR(ite) Blog… She’s going to be talking about male/female platonic friendships (something I love to put in my books as well), and maybe point out that, in fact, she has a book coming out really soon, […]

A Preorder, a Sale, and an Excerpt Walk into a Bar…


Well, not really. But I really do have a preorder, a sale, and an excerpt to share. Memento Mori is now officially up for preorder, and looks absolutely GORGEOUS with its cover from Seedlings Design Studio. To celebrate that, I’ve put A Time Traveller’s Best Friend at 99c for this weekend, over all store-fronts. Amazon||Kobo||Smashwords||iBooks||B&N||Google […]

Behold The Beauteous Cover Art!


I’ve been very busy these last few days, finishing final edits of my MS Masque. Likewise busy has been the very talented Joleene Naylor, finishing up the cover of Masque for me. Happy mortals, feast your eyes on the beauteous cover art! Then go ahead and preorder Masque from Amazon or Kobo. Publication date is set for 1st February, 2015. […]

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