Thanks! (and Have an Excerpt!)

It’s so close, guys! Just a week and 2 days until Memento Mori comes out! That being the case, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to my awesome beta readers, the people who cheered for me over these last couple of months, and that one guy who actually kicked me into finally writing the 2nd book in the Time Traveller’s Best Friend series.

First, the beta readers. Thank you so much! You continue to surprise and delight me with the stuff you find, the things you love, and the typos you correct before its too late. In particular, thank you to Dinah, Carly, Elizabeth, Anna, and Martina; you guys gave such useful feedback and one or two of you were even kind enough to love Marx and Kez as much as I do.

Second, thanks to the people who’ve encouraged me in some way over the last couple months. It’s been a rough couple of months due to a lot of sickness, pain, and general too-much-to-do-ness. So thanks to Josh, who has been there from the start with Kez and Marx and always encourages me (also, check out his art, guys!), to Sarah, who talks to me about Kdrama, squees over favourite authors with me, and sends the occasional cat pic (especially for the cat pic 😀 ), and to Intisar Khanani, who always seems to know the stuff I don’t and is always willing to help out.

Thirdly and finally, thanks to the guy who gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get going on the 2nd Time Traveller’s Best Friend book. I don’t know his name or what he looks like, but the owner of one of the bookstores I deliver books to said every time he was in, he was asking for the next book. You guys have no idea how much I needed to hear that. I loved Kez and Marx but I wasn’t sure they were resonating and I had to get going on my fantasy series. So thanks, man. I don’t know who you are, but there’ll be a free new-cover copy of A Time Traveller’s Best Friend in the A Bit Curious store for you when I get the shipment.

Now for an excerpt! (And don’t forget to preorder for next week, guys!)


“We’d better synchronise our timepieces, sir.”

“We have a time limit?” asked Mikkel, his brows rising in surprise.

“Not as such,” said Arabella. “But there are certain things that need to happen at exactly the right time. If they don’t…well, let’s just say that we really, really want them to happen at the right time.”

“Are we fixing events in time?”

“Something like that.”

“That’s going a bit overboard, isn’t it?” Mikkel said, frowning. Time and synchronicity were reasonably flexible: so long as a few major things remained fixed, smaller changes didn’t ripple too far forward. River-like, time had a way of falling back into its previous course, flooding around obstacles and back into its accustomed bed. “Even if we’re here to help Kez and Marx—! I mean, they can’t do too much damage running around the Time Stream; it is self-repairing, after all.”

Arabella gave a small, prim cough.

“It fixes itself.”

Arabella’s mouth pursed in a pained sort of way.

“Good grief! They broke the Time Stream?”

“They are trying to fix it, sir,” Arabella said excusingly. 


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