ICYMI: Bright as the Eyes of You is on Wattpad!

imageJust a quick note for those of you who may not have seen that my new WiP, BRIGHT AS THE EYES OF YOU, is now up on Wattpad! I have news for you: it is! Only the first 6 chapters so far, but it’s being updated every week on Monday (Australian Monday, FYI) as each new chapter is finished.

It’s a Korean-based fantasy romance, in which I’m having fun with tropes, random Korean words, and crazy characters.

Come along and check it out, and let me know what you think!

If you’ve already been reading BatEoY but aren’t current on chapters, here are the links to each chapter:

ONE: I See All Kinds of Sorrow

TWO: Chase the Moon and Sun

THREE: Staring Down Through Faces

FOUR: Her Feet Don’t Touch the Ground

FIVE: All of Your Playthings

SIX: A Book that Tells About Everybody’s Past

SEVEN: ***Coming next Monday!!**


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